Help for visitors

red‑hot's functions are supposed to be self-explanatory and intuitive. None­theless, find below some frequently asked questions ("FAQ").

Swipe don't click
On touch devices, the image galleries on the home page and within profiles as well as the profile info panels (fancies, infos, description) can be operated by swipe gesture. On a PC you can try to "click and drag".
User settings
To protect your privacy best possible, we renounce a registration option for visitors. By way of utilizing cookies red‑hot can none­theless "memorize" your most relevant settings: Language, number of profiles per page, favorites, as well as age check confir­mation.
Search options
You have full text search, radius search, and category filter at your disposal. All three search functions can be freely combined. Better start off with a wider selection then narrow your search down successively.
Full text search
The full text search function scans any available text information in profiles, such as title, category, description, location, selected fancies, etc.
In case of banners it covers description, location, and address (where provided by the advertiser).
When entering multiple search terms separated by a space, all profiles and banners will show that contain at least one of the terms. When enclosing the terms in double quotes ("), the system will search for an exact match with the combined term.
Radius search
For a radius search you select your location and set your radius of action with the slider. The search will also take into account the radius of action of the advertiser in case home/hotel visits or escort are offered. This information you can find within profiles after the location name behind the symbol . "Incall" indicates that neither home/hotel visits nor escort are offered.
So if you e.g. live in Lucerne with a radius of action of 50km and an advertiser from Winterthur offers home/hotel visits within a radius of 25km, then a meeting is possible and the profile will show. In contrast, if the offering is "incall", the profile will not show.
"Radius of action" always means linear distance. The actual driving distance we cannot calculate. For this sake use the Google Maps route planner - a click/tap on the location name in the profile will suffice.
Category filter
For one's basic orien­tation, personal profiles are assigned to one of six categories. Where multiple categories apply (e.g. TS offering massages), the most telling category is indicated.
All search options will also work with the map. By default, only "incall" offerings will show, i.e., no escort services etc. If you want to see those in the map, too, then simply remove the "incall" check mark and rerun the search.
red‑hot features over 0 up-to-date "markers" for esta­blished clubs, studios, contact bars, etc. through­out Switzer­land. Markers can be selected or unselected in the category filter.
Comments and reviews
For comments and reviews, we recommend neutral forums such as, sexy‑ or On commercial portals like red‑hot they are not credible.
Fake images
We do not offer adver­tisers an image vali­dation service as we don't deem a reliable verifi­cation possible without personal encounter. In case you doubt genuine­ness in absence of a hint "Similar photo" or the like, please use the link "Verify image" in the fullscreen view. This will launch the so-called reverse image search of Yandex, which covers all common sources and works, too, where original images have been modified with Photo­shop (covering of the face, etc.).