Protecting your privacy

We are aware that confidentiality is paramount for any red‑hot user. Therefore we collect and store personal data only where absolutely required for running red‑hot.
Perso­nali­zation for visitors
We renounce a registration option for red‑hot visitors (in contrast to advertisers where this is required for legal reasons etc.).
In order for red‑hot to "memorize" the most relevant user settings, we place some cookies on your device. These you can delete or block in your browser settings at all times. If so, language and pagination (number of profiles per page) settings as well as favorites will be lost upon closing the browser, and the age check will be re-performed upon every visit. Everything else should continue to work as normal.
Social media
We renounce Facebook‑, Twitter‑ and other social media buttons and functions.
Apart from the fact that this would mostly violate the Terms of use of these platforms, we do not think that many people would want to post e.g. public "likes" on their Facebook walls or make link recom­men­dations for web sites such as red‑hot.
Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics for collecting statistical data on visitor traffic and behavior. For this purpose, solely anony­mous information is sent to Google servers in the USA (see cookies). This includes IP addresses.