Orangerie le Club

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Want and Can, but never need ...

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"Expect nothing hope, everything," is an old maxim among veterans in swinger or wellbeing clubs. An evening in the Orangerie has much, perhaps everything to offer what you dreamed or ye.

Begins with good conversation, perhaps with dancing and laughter in horny outfits on Catway. With Flirting and hot discussions in Raucherhüsli in the large garden. Or begrudge you real delights in the restaurant of the Orangerie, everything a la carte. Take an exquisite drink or a fine wine at the bar or in the lounge. - Enjoy is the motto.

In the Orangerie Flirting can be sustainable ... Drag closable rooms open lying on the gallery before? Or irritates an adventure amidst the ancient Boll Blight in the basement, behind the wrought iron gate?

The Orangerie is pure life. With plenty of charm and eroticism. We want it tingles, anywhere - you will enjoy the moments in the Orangerie - with everything it has to offer life.

Speaking Swingerclub or Wellbeing Club. The term Swinger Club is today no longer really applicable for Erlebnisgastronomie à la Orangerie. The Orangerie is not Sauna Club with a little restaurant or with a barrel Street supplemented with some beds in rest rooms, as the swinger club are commonly. Erotic Wellbeing describes better what the Orangerie offers its guests entertainment gastronomy.

The Orangerie is recreation of a special kind. Freed from social constraints, performance, and Thinking bill. It's a way of life; The Orangerie is a way of life in a wonderful ambience. Enjoy carefree and exciting moments with us. And non-smoking, smoking is permitted only on the barbecue in the garden.